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This is a Ranma 1/2 RPG and I want people to join basically there are rules

1)Say who you want to be and create a journal of that person then post as that username to tell people

2)please act only in charcter

3)try not to leave for long periods at a time or write it in your journal or something

Okay I am going to be shampoo anyone want to join just post here and my username will be shampoonihoa
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is ranma open? i really want to be him!! i hope i can!! if so i will be: _ranma. i hope i can be ranma!!! thanxs!!
can i be ukyo?
here is me being ukyo.
Yeah all characters are open be them okay.
yayers!! thankyou!


akane is so uncute :stomos off:
that was suppose to be stomps off, not stomos off.

parden my spelling!
spelling smelling who need spelling